Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"The Circuit" Boulder-ing Gym

 Today we met up with our friends, Erika and Kim and their kids. First we met Erika at the gyum that opened recently for climbers, both serious and casual.
 You had a blast. It felt like a steep price at $12 per kid (but I didn't have to pay for me, so I was a lot happier).
 They were all about safety, particularly in the more adult filled zone.  They made sure there was always an adult on the same floor as the children and no running or anyone below or in front of anyone. People were super nice.

 It was freezing inside the building for those of that were not climbing, but you S, came to me and told me that you were too hot. My conclusion is that they keep it that cool for the climbers and don't worry too much about the people watching because it is not possible to please both--so focus on the payers (unless it is watching parents then they have to take their own advice and bring a coat).
    Toward the end you were playing "Agents of Shield" and you each had a name.  R was Agent Flare, A was Agent Fury, S was Agent 5, B started with Agent BushMAN, and T was Agent Tommy.  Later T, you and B were vying for the name Wall-E.

I overheard A saying with his spy gear from the $1.50 happy meals on his face and arm, "We've got to evacuate the building, Flare!"  It was hilarious!
Then, when we were leaving you all told me that it was your favorite part of the whole trip. Hooray!
K, you went down the slides several times and then snacked on all the freeze-dried blueberries in the bag.

Then we went to Erika's house and you played while Kim did the Mommy's nails.  My nails now have a cute lacy look that I love.

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