Thursday, December 18, 2014

Humanitarian Kits

For Family Home Evening this week, we made these kits for the homeless.  Where we live tends to have a lot of homeless people.  Our family has a pretty strict no-money give out policy. But we do like to give food.  One of our friends used to be homeless here because of misplaced trust.  He had to live out of his car for awhile and it sounded really tough. But he has some great stories about people that reached out at the right times.  He was eventually able to get back on his feet and get to his daughters like he wanted.
 K, you thought holding still for a photo was ridiculous, but I just wanted you to know that you were there.
Inside the bags are apple sauce, peaches, tissues, toothbrush/paste, gum, crackers, water, hand sanitizer, hand warmers, socks, and a Book of Mormon with a testimony inside.  I hope they help someone!

In Brooklyn, we didn't have room to carry all this with us (unless it was for you dearies), but we tried to always bring extra granola bars which we gave out often.

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