Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hulu's Reply. Will They? Won't They?

This is the letter Hulu sent me.

Hi there,
Thanks for getting in touch with us. At the moment, we don't have a set of parental controls, but we're working on putting something in place. I understand how important this kind of feature is, as it can really affect your ability to enjoy Hulu with your family, so I'm sorry we're a little late to the game here.
A workaround in the meantime is to set the birthdate on the account to under 17. This will block any mature content, like R-rated movies and TV-MA shows. I'd be happy to change the age on your account for you; just let me know. The only downside to doing this is that you'd need to contact us again if you want it changed back.
To avoid potentially objectionable content on our site, you can visit our Hulu Kids section ( ) and Family genre page ( which will only display family friendly content.
You can also keep an eye on which videos have been watched at ( ).
I hope this helps. I know it's not as elaborate as it needs to be, so I appreciate your patience until we can implement something a little closer to what you're looking for. If there's anything else I can do, please let me know.
Monique O.
Hulu Support

Now let me tell you what I appreciated about this letter.
1.  Validation. "I understand how important this kind of feature is" 
2.  Expression of Progression. "we're working on putting something in place."
3.  A way to get what we need, mostly.
4.  Going above and beyond or a in-case-this-helps-too "You can also keep . . ."
5.  A offered hand. "I'd be happy to . . ."

I really appreciate the time that Monique O. at Hulu took to answer my letter.  It was reassuring to know that Hulu is working on something to make it possible for us to avoid looking at some things we would rather not see.  Please make it soon, Hulu!

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