Monday, December 1, 2014

Great Investments

 We've changed our way of doing allowance.  We found some great advice from 71toes and The Parenting Breakthrough.  Chores are part of family life and life skills learning.  I found that when we paid you for chores you decided that it was worth not earning the money and you decided to skip the chores and the money.
 Check out how much the links above suggest paying.  We're working on a proper sum--then you break it down into tithing, savings, and spending.
 S, you have actually been saving for months. You finally earned enough to purchase your own bike.
 You are so proud.  T, you earned the money for the stroller.  Now you are saving for a little car.  I'm not sure what you are saving for now. R, you are saving for a mondo Lego set.
Eventually I want to teach you about your purchasing power, your ability to invest, the importance of insurance (it is vital!!), and the power of learning and working hard.

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