Monday, December 29, 2014


Today we went to Tualatin and went to Cabela's for our first time.  I had heard about the huge fish tanks with rainbow trout.  But I was surprised to see all the stuffed animals--like the goats that you see all along the ceiling-ish area.

But way better than that was seeing our friends Kim, S, and L.  It felt so great to be our old friends.

You thought the camping gear was the most interesting thing.  You pretended to have a tea party with the coffee cooking gear--which seemed huge with tiny cups.  S, you got a coat (which they originally overcharged us for, but then amended the price at the register--thank goodness because the return line was very long--normal post-Christmas returns and exchanges).

You loved seeing the live fish and being amazed at the actual size of the animals posed around the store.  R, you looked at all the guns--but only touched one momentarily.

K, your favorite was when we stopped by the plush toy animals.  You loved the dogs, turkey, trout and moose.  You sat in the stroller. We were in there for about 45 minutes looking around and enjoying the place.  I think next time we will take daddy.

Then we went to Kim's house for caramel popcorn and you guys played while I got to talk with Kim--which we all enjoyed.  S, you wanted Kim to teach you to sew.  I got some jamberry nail covers and K, you tried to commandeer all off L's favorite toys--which he would not allow--after all they were his favorite. But it made me smile.

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