Tuesday, November 18, 2014

If Ye Are NOT Prepared Ye Shall Fear

This is a post reminded you dear ones that not everything I write will be happy and peppy. Life has disappointments and we're striving to learn to let those things go.

In the last part of Doctrine and Covenants 38:30 it says "if ye are prepared ye shall not fear."

I always thought I understood this pretty well, but today I was humbled again.

In our church, you must know, the women (or sisters we like to be called) are given a few sisters to visit each month. I know that those that have visited me have left a very positive impression on me and have made me want to be a better visiting teacher, myself. Today, I went to go visit one of my assigned sisters.  She's also my friend and I think she's absolutely wonderful in every respect!

I felt pretty confident that I had everything planned--there was this talk that every time I workout my phone automatically goes to even though I have updated the bookmark several times to no avail--so I have listened to the talk at least three times and it has really caused me to ponder and think about what it says.I thought, I know this talk well. It will be great for my visiting teaching message (we usually share a snippet of Gospel insight).

The visit went well until I actually started reading and then I realized that this was a lesson for a congregation--not so much one-to-one because then it sounds super judgmental. All I could think was--how could I possibly have thought this was a good talk to share?!  I could have picked any other talk and it would have been so much better! Then I found out we were her first visiting teacher visit ever and the ugh in me grew.

via (and for the purpose of this post--she's drinking hot cocoa).

And let me tell you, this sister puts Mary Poppins to shame in that practically perfect in every way type of way.  She is one of the kindest, most loving people I know.  She serves others with such enthusiasm and cheer.  She was the one who brought us amazing monster cookies the first week we lived here and even while we were there she was watching another woman's children for her so she could take her baby to the doctor.

I blame it on my oatmeal. For some reason my milk in my oatmeal congealed.  It grossed me out so much I couldn't eat it.

Alright, I am in denial. The oatmeal is blameless.  It is because I did not prepare and give it adequate forethought.  Next time though, my lesson will be prepared.  I am determined to feel the opposite of this feeling when we get together next time.

So, dear Sister HN, please excuse my lack of preparation.  Next time, my lesson will be great! I shall be prepared and will not fear.

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