Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

 This may be our family motto (it is still a work in progress and we're not completely settled on it), but I love this!  We put it at the top of the stairs so we will see it often and think about how wonderful things are and great things will be.

This is from when we lived in Brooklyn and we went to a private beach in the Hamptons (totally breaking the rules, but it was freezing and my cousin, Michelle was visiting).  We did have one concerned citizen stop to tell us to move, but we told them we couldn't get over how beautiful it was and that we were going to be there for just a few moments..  The sand was gorgeous, mostly made up for beautiful, almost precious stone looking pebbles.  You didn't care what the temperature was, R and S, you ran out there to enjoy the ocean.
It is moments like these above and the moments when we are together and someone says something funny and we all end up laughing.  For example, yesterday we were in the van together and listening to practicing music (courtesy of you, T) and at the same part in the song, R you sniffed really loudly, twice. I am not sure why it was so funny, but pretty soon most of us were doing it too and then guffawing (laughing really hard).  Those times make my heart melt like butter.  I know I say this over and over, in life and on the blog, but I just feel like God gave me the most wonderful family and I'm not sure what I did to be so blessed to have you!!!  God is so good to us!
Do you remember this?!  We went and saw the Mayflower for Thanksgiving one year. We were so broke we decided on turkey sandwiches.  But we had a glorious time and made some marvelous memories!


  1. Remember when we were at the Mayflower the same time as you and we ran into you unexpectedly? That was awesome!

  2. I remember Lindsay! That was so fun!