Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Friday Filming

Erika is a good friend of mine who helps me with just about everything. First friend in a new place, listening ear, movers/cleaners--when it was an emergency, and she gets missing NYC.

She is also very good at helping me clarify my film ideas and gives me opportunities to continue to use my skills and gain experience.  She's pretty amazing and I feel quite blessed to have her as a friend.

Friday, we filmed all day for an author-invite project.  Then, as a reward, we went to a cute French restaurant to eat dinner.

Daddy was super supportive and picked up you, K, on your way home from work, so for the first time in months and months--I got to each lunch baby-less. That means I didn't have to wrestle with you, K or chase you around the restaurant. You have entered the no-sit-still-stage of toddler-hood--so restaurants, movies and sitting in church for any extended amount of time is out of the question.

Needless to say, it was a restful few minutes where I got to talk with a good friend without running out.  It was lovely!  Thank you, Erika and W!

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