Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Filming in Portland

 Back in October we drove to Portland for the day and filmed with Bonni Bohn and her children for the day. Remember this? 
 We got donuts from VooDoo donuts.
 They were yummy--but I still miss Brooklyn donuts.
 We filmed on a few different corners.
 Right before we left, we realized that we parked in front of . . .a gross place.
  These women are amazing!!!

 K, you fell asleep toward the end, but during the majority Bonni watched you as you hollered and cried, until you got to watch a movie.
We ran all over beautiful Portland, savored the donuts and had a great time laughing with friends and acting/filming for the video.  Your dance move still crack me up and you keep on singing the song that we sang and used for the video all over the  house. You claim that you even hear your classmates singing it.  What can I say, it is a catchy song.

 S, you made the word "Books" in the dirt.  It was right at the end when you wanted to pick some of Portland's famous roses.
I hope Jeff Kinney comes. People in Albany, Oregon want him to come here too!

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