Monday, October 20, 2014

Would You Like To See My To-Do List?

Lately, I've been noticing a few things we can improve on as a family. It's a good thing. Truly.

Here is what I want to work on, again, some more, etc.

Organize the boys drawers.  Yesterday one of you sweet fellows went to church with muddy pants.  You told me that you couldn't find some clean ones.  I know you could have, I go to your closet every day and am able to find at least three pairs.  We are going to organize them and get clothes ready so there is no panic in the morning when you are getting ready for school. S, you have your own system and grandpa helped you sort that out when he was here. (Thanks you, Dad, if you see this).

Make a chore list.  Yes, I do this at least twice a year.  But I got some good ideas from here, here, here (this is the one we are going to use this time).

Write up a wake-up and bedtime schedule.  Bedtime has been the greatest challenge lately. You are all pretty good friends with each other and you love to stay in the same room (left over from NY where you had to share rooms).  But lately, you are venturing out of the room beyond drinks and bathroom breaks.  It doesn't help that K, you love to run to their room and tap on the door until they open it so you can come in and join in the commotion. I'm still researching this here.

FHE on kind voices. This has been a challenge for the whole family lately, and I am not completely sure why.  Sometimes I cannot hear you and I ask you to speak up and that just pushes the first domino. So I looked here, here, and here

Tell children about their talents. I want to take one-on-one time with each of you and let you know how important you are to me.  I'd like to write an initial of some of the talents I have seen lately on each of your fingers, like it says here.

Mop floor. Okay, clean the house in general--with your help of course.

Shopping.  brads, cotton balls, food, spray paint primer, the list goes on. I'm still figuring out a menu.

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