Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dear T

T:  Right now, just like your brother and sister at your age, you are very moody.  Sometimes you are so sweet and you give me hugs and tell me that I am the best mother in the world and then it as if a thundercloud is above your head and a royal grumpy pants.  It is nice that I have two other children that went through the same stage so I know it will end, but I just want you to know how dearly I love you--grumpy pants-ness and all.  The other day I came to your school for lunch and you were so happy. You proudly showed off Kathleen and I as we came to eat with you.  Then we took you to get some new shoes.  You chose the same kind as the last ones we bought you--and you were thrilled that they have those same shoes all the way up to adult sizes.  I have been substituting in primary (the church meetings for ages 1.5-11) and you sit across the room from me and give me the "I love you" sign and wave wildly any times our eyes meet.  I love it! I love you so much!

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