Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dear S

S:  You have taught yourself to crochet.  I love how you can choose anything you are interested in and you invest yourself in it 100%.  Drawing--you scour YouTube looking for good videos teaching you to draw. Crocheting--the same.  Your focus has always amazed me.  Currently you are reminding me daily that you need a desk in your room, pronto. It is one of the projects that I have coming today and I am excited for you to help me paint it and get it the way you like for your room.  Also, you are beautiful.  I just thought you should know that. You really like to wear your hair down and a lot of times it falls in your face (see below), but today you let me braid your hair and for at least for a few minutes, pull those bangs off your face, but you were not too happy about it.  You make friends easily. You love to tell people out our church and are fearless. I want to be more like you. I love you so much!

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