Thursday, October 30, 2014

Baggenstos Part 2--Corn Maze

 In case you didn't know, K. You were a part of it from the beginning.  You particularly like the cider that we picked up.
 Mostly, you were within kissable distance the entire time giving me looks like the above.

 Ayden is there holding a map of this years corn maze.
 T, you and Bashee had a great time holding up the corn stalks acting like they were wonderful spears.

 Erika was our navigator (good thing because I was pretty much lost 30 feet into the maze).

 S, you and Emma picked up the corn that had fallen by the way and you picked off the kernels, one by one.  You ate one and decided that it was not too bad even though it was meant for the cows. Erika told us the cows just love this corn--like candy.

You loved seeing your friends!

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