Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Linn Lanes Bowling

 Before school started we went to Linn Lanes to go bowling.  We met my good friend, Sheri, at Home Depot, two or three days after we moved in.  I was ecstatic because we were friends when I was expecting you, R.
 She is definitely one of the nicest people I have met.  She is so kind to everyone!
 It was so nice to bowl here because there wasn't distracting televisions or loud music, it was just us bowling.  Sheri and I could talk.  I loved it!
 Oh my heavens, her boys are so cute!
 The little ones, as usual, loved to stay by the bowling ball return.

 You helped K many times, S, bowl the ball down the lane.

 You and Sheri's kidlets loved playing up with the machines up on the landing (it was an area above the lanes where people can wear normal shoes and eat food which you did because we forgot to eat lunch before we left the house.

 T, your traditional pose.

 So glad we could meet up with Sheri and her kids.
Thanks for telling us about it, Sheri! We'll be going again soon.

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