Friday, September 5, 2014

First Days Of School

Uncle G and Aunt M came into town with their cuties N and A.  I was really thankful because it shocked me that you were gone so long--I was excited the day before but when you were actually absent from being with me, I was shocked.

 So I was really grateful they were there--more photos with them to come.
 The locker photos are from the school open house.

 S, you saw a little girl decorating her locker with a mini-chandelier (yes, I'm serious) and you and I went to the dollar store and got some of your own decorations.
 T, you were really trying to smile at me, but the sun was in your eyes.
I miss you!  The first day of school you came home and told me there was a bully on the bus and he called you tater tots.  We had a good laugh at that and have been lovingly calling one another tater tot since.

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