Monday, September 29, 2014

$5 Thrift Store Redo

I found this cabinet at the the thrift store for five smackaroonies.  Immediately I thought of the shoes that we have stinking up the front closet and how this beauty may do the trick.  I could try painting my first piece of furniture in the last eight years.

 I think it actually looked nicer in the photo.

I couldn't get that screw in the top left corner out without damaging the piece.  So I attempted to paint around it (it wasn't that pretty so I didn't add it).

I watched some YouTube videos on how to sand down furniture. There wasn't that much from what I could find.  Maybe I'll check it out some more, because I have a hutch that I will painting white (hopefully) in the near future.

I gave this beaut a couple of coats of Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray (a sample paint I was thinking about for the wall--just a tiny bit darker than what I have painted on the wall).

You helped me by cheering me on and by helping K be cheerful. Thank you for your help!

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