Saturday, August 9, 2014

Vancouver, WA Parade of Homes Beautiful Decor or the Etc. That We Love

 I loved the frosted glass front door--I think it was also rippled, but I am not sure. I like that it added some privacy and looked classically classy.
 Don't those raised gardens say, you don't have to lean over to make a salad?  Salad is your favorite--right?! Hehe.
 Part of me loves these chairs and the other part of me thinks, "Where would I put my head?"

 Isn't this an interesting banister?  Look at the lines.  I love ideas like that.

 Do you think we should try to make a home gym like this?

 I love this red couch, but more than that I adore my girl sitting on it. :) Love you, S.

 Do you spy me and you, K, in that shot?

 I love maps as decor because they can be educational. I celebrate when function and beauty go hand in hand.

 Did you see that?  They opened a side of their house. Mind blown.

 That pile of journals made me want to sit down and write. I love journals.  They are a receptacle for wonderful thoughts, ideas and events that fill our lives.

 This was in a bedroom and I thought, this is lovely, like Louis Armstrong's house where his wife made her prayer and sewing corner in their bedroom.

 Okay, I love the porthole mirror.  So fun!

 That chest of drawers is glorious!

 I don't get the use of the faucet above the stove.  You still have to empty out the pan you have filled with water in the sink a few feet away and it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb in the decor, but who knows, maybe it will really become a staple in kitchens and my opinion will change.

 Ohh shiny!  I love chandeliers, the mirror below and the door below.  Elegant largeness.
 Does this rug look like sea anemones?  I would have to put it in my under-the-sea room, if I ever got one.

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