Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rosse Posse Acres, Inc.

 You loved this outing!  We went here and the first thing they did was take us in where they keep all these elk antlers.  They told us about the different facts about elk.  It was very interesting.
 We even got to hold some of the furry stuff that covers the antlers--it comes off right before it is the mating time of year.

 R, you told Dad all about it.

 It was important that you stay more than three feet away because the previous owner got kicked in the head by a cow (a female elk)--a knock out, ER visit and ten stitches, time and later he recovered.

 T, you made that necklace.  You were really proud of it.

 I got to pet a wallaby.  The lady who runs it pictured below takes September off to hunt (this is a meat-producing ranch]. She's got some super hunting stories and even has one about a bear that she met twice--but it did not survive for a third.  With the photo of her and the bear, she got onto a cover of a hunting magazine.
 K, you loved the baby goats. You walked over to them, but instead of petting them you pretty much picked them up by the fur on their backs.  Then I would grab your hand and help you pat them.
Verdict:  This place was awesome and a great learning adventure.  Maybe we will go again.

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