Friday, August 15, 2014

Mt. Hood Ski Bowl

We had a group coupon for the Mt. Hood Skibowl. I had been looking forward to it for months and right before it expired, we decided to go.  R, this was your favorite part. You all begged to go again, but I wanted to go on a ride too and it took you literally 45  minutes to an hour to go on this ride. K , you were too little to go on this ride, so we waited at the view bridge and then walked down to the bottom in case I had missed any of the other kidlets coming down.  Apparently S, you were pretty worried and waited until a lady adult volunteered to help you.  There was a little bit of a line inching down behind you. 
I forgot to mention that we got there two hours early to go on the rides--I thought we would have traffic and thought it began an hour earlier.
It was so beautiful!

Then we took our car to what looked like the place to park--but it wasn't. It was the middle of town.  I got K out of the car and R, you were trying to be helpful so you closed and locked all the doors--before I could get the keys.  Gratefully I had my phone and also, there was a tow truck there helping someone else (they ended up helping us too--what a blessing right?!). You felt so bad, R.  I think you all said silent prayers that we would be able to get into our car.  A lot of the people there were very considerate and tried to offer advice.
We felt like Pioneers--no air conditioned cars and bottled water. 

We walked back to the second part of Mt. Hood Skibowl (there are two parts).  

You were able to go on these two rides (and me on the tube one) before we had to go get our car--the keys retrieved and come back.  

The next thing you really wanted to do was go play in the water balls.

You were able to go in for at least 10 minutes.  S, that shruken one was yours, it started leaking while you were in it. They had to get you out early because it was sinking. Then they let you in a filled one for a few more minutes, thankfully!
Can you tell who is in the ball above?

How about this one?
No doubt here.
K, you watched happily and found an empty soda pop bottle.

You really wanted to go on the racetrack below, but sadly it wasn't included in our package.

S and T you got to ride the ponies.  This was the first year you were too big, R. But for the record, you are just the right size for your age.

  T, you tried the Jacob's ladder, but just long enough for a photo. 

Then we all went on the trampolines just before they closed (including me--I wanted to use my pass for the rides too).

I am so glad we could go and I am so glad that we were able to get the keys. Little did we know we would be moving the next day. . . more on that in a bit.

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