Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grammers Coming

Grandma came a couple of days after we moved.  She was going to come the day before we moved, but we got excited when we got the key so we dropped our original plans and moved in, that night.  What can I say, we were so excited!!

 The day we finished cleaning out our rental, we went to the Twigs--Daddy was sitting next to you and I couldn't fit him in the photo.
Right afterward he took the boys home and the girls went shopping.

This was our first and most expensive piece of furniture that we've purchased.  It was really cost-efficient as an as-is piece of furniture--mostly easily fixed.
S, you were really happy to go with us at first, until we took a long time to  consider different pieces of furniture.  What do you think of that blue chair--I love it --mostly.  It would go in my Celestial Room--description below.
It was so fun to have Grammers with us.  She helped us paint our formal dining room and our Celestial Room (my living room--or like Louis Armstrong's wife's prayer/knitting/scripture corner in their house--also okay for visitors like the home teachers--but pretty off limits to little ones).  Thank you sooo much Mommers!!!

This is just a sneak peek of our newest developments house-wise.  I didn't take a before. Sorry.  I love that the color really brings out the trim.

Grammers made us food (she offered--I could not refuse. I love it when other people, especially my mom and Mommers cooks for us).   She got you, S, really excited about cooking and you have made breakfast for us almost every morning since Grammers left.
 She even made a few meals to put into our freezer so we can have some easy-make meals.  Heavenly!
We love you and miss you, Grammers!  Thank you so much!

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