Monday, August 18, 2014

Glorious FHE

We had our first friend's outing with the Bishop's family and some other members from our ward.  It was so fun! R, S, and T, you haven't stopped talking about it.
S, you had what you remembered as your first s'more. I am really sure you've had them before you were adamant that they were your first.

I loved seeing Daddy watching over all of you and snuggling you, K.
 Here you were, K, dancing in the Bishop's sidewalk.
R, you also claimed this was your first s'more.  
 I can't find a close up of you, T, but I forgot this one from the ski bowl adventure--so I'm adding it today.  Of course, it really may have been your first s'more.
 After we roasted the s'mores and hot dogs the Bishop gave a quick family home evening message about planning out your goals.  Then you got to ride on four-wheelers (or ATVs), for your first time, and we went to their house to jump on the trampoline, chase a skunk (that's what you told me), and play with sparklers.  It was so fun!

 Even if we felt like city slickers, we loved how beautiful it was.  The sunset was so beautiful it sent shivers down my spine.  It felt so great to make new friends that I cannot wait to do something with again.  I kept thinking how blessed we are!  I am so thankful to the Bishop and his family for inviting us.  We had a glorious time!

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