Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Master Bedroom Step One

 You may want to know, we didn't buy very much stuff in the year that we've lived in Oregon, although Daddy may not agree with me on that, per moving.  Moving can be incredibly frustrating and this move was no different, but it felt easier (probably because we didn't have to move our furniture out into the street for the garbage men to haul away).
Please pardon the fact that the pillows and the sheets don't go too well with the bed.  What do you think?  It's not perfect, but something in this makes me do a happy sigh and think relaxing thoughts.  Check my Pinterest board for some ideas I have.
Grammers suggested I go to the thrift stores and find pieces that I love and can personalize with a fresh coat of paint and some elbow grease.  I can't wait to paint and to have dirt colored carpet that forgives our families indiscretions of walking tip toe through the rooms in our shoes to get last minute things and not having it look like the mud monster waltzed through--the darkness of the photo helps disguise that.   

When I imagine you reading this, kidlets, I wonder if you're wondering, "When did Mom's room ever look like that?  I don't remember that.  And I am sort of hoping you're also thinking, "Wow, Mom's sense of style sure came through because her room look stupendous now!"  :)  I can hope, right?!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When Friends Come to Visit

We got a washer and a dryer a little while ago and I asked them to leave the boxes.  Why did they leave the boxes?  For a fort, of course.
R, you heard our friends were coming so you took the boxes outside and several of the other boxes that we'd used to move and you built not one but two forts--complete with battlements (of sorts).

Then, since there were two castles, you had to have a war. And that was when the pillows came out.

Daddy came home and joined the fun.

Everyone had a glorious time!

We were so glad our friend Cristina and her kids and niece came to visit! Thank you!  They also picked up eggs for us on their way home (again thanks!).

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Firsts and our New Place

I know in my heart that the word "moving" actually just has four letters in it.

This is not a rant, but that is how it feels each time I have to do it.  We have moved.  We are loving our new house, but dearly desperate for storage solutions.  We're waiting until we get our carpet in to get chests of drawers and storage solution-y type stuff, but I can tell you having nothing but a closet for storage is hard.

  We've painted.  Before.


We've mowed.

We've gone to church.

We've made chocolate chip cookies.

We've had members of our church bring us amazing monster cookies and you, R, have gone to scouts.  Thank you, HN!

We've had our first outing with new friends--FHE with the Bishop and his family--cooking s'mores.

We've gone shooting.

I bought the most expensive piece of furniture that we've bought so far in our married life.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Blackberry Picking

 Up the road a little way from our home were some prickly blackberry bushes.  S, your favorite thing to do is to go pick the berries.
 They were so delicious, but K loved them so much I think she may have ruined 3-4 shirts because they were so tasty.  The first night here I saw a couple of skunks on the road so we were very watchful for skunks.
We would go at sunset, when the sky turns a dreamy mixture of blue, pink, purple and yellow. It was also the coolest time of the day--when the temperature was down after 90 degree weather.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rosse Posse Acres, Inc.

 You loved this outing!  We went here and the first thing they did was take us in where they keep all these elk antlers.  They told us about the different facts about elk.  It was very interesting.
 We even got to hold some of the furry stuff that covers the antlers--it comes off right before it is the mating time of year.

 R, you told Dad all about it.

 It was important that you stay more than three feet away because the previous owner got kicked in the head by a cow (a female elk)--a knock out, ER visit and ten stitches, time and later he recovered.

 T, you made that necklace.  You were really proud of it.

 I got to pet a wallaby.  The lady who runs it pictured below takes September off to hunt (this is a meat-producing ranch]. She's got some super hunting stories and even has one about a bear that she met twice--but it did not survive for a third.  With the photo of her and the bear, she got onto a cover of a hunting magazine.
 K, you loved the baby goats. You walked over to them, but instead of petting them you pretty much picked them up by the fur on their backs.  Then I would grab your hand and help you pat them.
Verdict:  This place was awesome and a great learning adventure.  Maybe we will go again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Otter Beach

These photos are all courtesy of Kim D.  Thank you, Kim!  She drove all the way down here to come.

Corvallis has a great pool called Otter Beach.  

 T, you showed us that you can go under water!  Yay!

 You kept going under water too, K.  But not on purpose. You wanted to walk around alone, but it didn't always work out how you planned.

 It was so much fun!  You loved it.  None of you got sunburned this time.  You were all slathered in sunscreen.

Can you spy S?
There is R, in the lazy river.