Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Parade of Homes

The Vancouver, WA Parade of Homes was so fun! We had a glorious time!

S, you made me laugh heartily when I heard you describing to all the people around you why you loved each room and the details.

The last house, you went into the basement.  A few moments later you ran up the stairs shouting, "Ew!  IT STINKS DOWN THERE!"  A couple of people that were headed down their looked at us, completely shocked.  I smiled at them and said two words, "Wine cellar."  They laughed to each other.

What fun to make faces into the eight inch wide magnification mirror (the only one I saw).  Can you tell this was in a bathroom.  We had you climb up onto the tub, S, so you could get in the photo--K, you were asleep, strapped to me.
 You kept trying to fix the blankets on the beds, even though I think they were scrunched up to look like the people had just barely left the comfort of their beds to get a drink or something and then they would cuddle back up into the beauty of the house.
Okay, this is one thing I wish our new house had.  So did you, apparently, S because when you stepped in there you did an operatic "Ah!"
 This one, S, you said, "Take a picture of me Mom, by this treasure chest."  That house was filled with reclaimed wood from a barn that was 150 years old.
You loved that the free lunch we had because we were one of the first three hundred people in the gates. But your favorite was the free stuff--especially the ice cream.
 I moustache you a question.
You loved the desks. Every time we go to the stores that have desks it is the first thing you want to go see.  Love you!

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