Wednesday, July 9, 2014

International Rose Test Garden

 This is a free rose garden in Portland.  It is stunning.
 They have fountains with easily accessible coins at the bottom, which you felt could be recycled for free wishes.  Some of you kept some for future fountains and you made it it easier for the coin gatherers by putting it in the donation boxes (with a little persuasion).

 At one point, you chased one another down, making sure that everyone had re-donated the retrieved coins.  I reminded you that you are not the mothers and that if you believed that someone had passed the rules to talk to the mothers about your theories.

 You stood in this entrance and called out "OO EE  OO EE!"  in a chant-like style for the people passing by.  After a few strange/worried looks Erika and I called out to the people, "They are just welcoming you to the garden."  After awhile we suggested you welcome people with the traditional words, "Welcome to the garden!" so people wouldn't be worried.  Then people started smiling at you.

 You had so much fun!
  This photo is the proof I really need to clean the camera on my phone. I'm working on figuring out how to clean it.

 You kept moving so quickly because sometimes it was difficult to keep track of you. S, you and S found a bunny.  You tried to follow it.  There were fabulous views of the city and if it had been a clear day we would have had a marvelous view of Mt. Hood.    It was a great temperature, thankfully and even if we missed the view, I was grateful for the cool temps.

 R and T, you decided that you would commandeer these drinking fountains for water fight duties, but thankfully we mothers were near by, encouraging you to just get drinks and move on.
 So thankful for these great friends and for beautiful Rose-city Portland.
Obviously the boys were doing their own thing for this photo--but I love that the girls are very happy to pose for the photo.

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