Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Family Collages

 In March, for my youth activity with my 14-15 year-olds we did collage photos.  They will be up here eventually, I hope, but until then here are ours.  Apparently, T, you thought I was hilarious.  I love you!
 R, this makes me just want to come up and hug and kiss your face. You help K a lot. I am so grateful for you.
 I call this one, "Look at me and my glad self."  Yes, you can definitely say I got a bit carried away, but it was really fun.  So . . . I just enjoyed it.
S, you are a dear.  You make me smile all the time. I am so grateful for you! Love you!

Here is the website for the collages. http://www.fotor.com/ It is great because you don't have to download a program (phew--my computer just sighed a sigh of relief).  Mostly, I am writing this so if I forget I can find it again. :)

You may be wondering where Daddy is in these family collages.  That day he was at work and I didn't get a chance to take his photos.  Hopefully I can get some photos of my cutie later. :D

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  1. Super cute, the whole lot if you! (And I miss you!)