Monday, July 7, 2014

101 Degrees

 We went to the Wilsonville Fountains last week. It was sweltering.
 Channel 2 news interviewed you, S and B (our 6 year old friend).  But, sadly they did not air it. :/ You were excited to be famous.
 You all ran around so happily. It kept me smiling.

 K, your cheeks began to get red, or as Grandma says, "She's got pink-a cheeks."  So you went and played and played and played in the cool water.
 You LOVED the fountains and sat just like you are in the photos for at least an hour straight.

Erika took this photo of K and B.  I adore the faces. 
Fountains are so fun!  Thanks to our friends for coming with us.
For the record, we actually had a/c that day, after not having it for a month about.  But it broke that night and it finally got fixed on Sunday (definitely an ox in the mire situation because I become a royal grouch).

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