Monday, June 23, 2014

YW New Beginnings

This year's New Beginnings Theme was "Come unto Christ and be perfected in him." 

Kristen Jones found some ideas here.

In church I am a leader to girls age 12-17 and I cannot begin to tell you how much I love and respect these girls! 

I mean, wow! Aren't these girls just beautiful?!
I feel so blessed to be able to work with them.
New Beginnings is where we welcome the girls that will be coming into YW this year.

 Can you see the diamond rings?
Julia Workman made these delicious cupcakes.
We talked about how the pressures made coal turn into diamonds and how much is trimmed from a regular diamond to get the clearest diamond.   When we come unto Christ it is like we are doing what we can to become the perfect diamond, we trim away what is not great to become better.

You kidlets were running in circles around me.  S, you got the sparkly ribbons that were on the chairs and I still am finding bits of glitter in random things.

Then the gals got little gifts to take home so they could remember the night. I am so grateful for the Gospel.  I am so thankful to know that we have a Heavenly Father that loves us. I am so grateful that we have wonderful people around us that strengthen and help us and that we can strengthen and help others.  These girls see me a lot, but they have little idea that I pray for them very often (honestly, I pray for all those I have been blessed to teach now and in the past) and that I hold them in high esteem.  They are quite inspirational and I love the way they cheer one another on.

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