Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Uncle J's Photos--Sand Hollow, Utah

 The night before we went boating/playing in the sand at Sand Hollow, all the adults got together to decide what we were going to do the next day and it took about an hour to decide.
 You got the worst sunburns of your whole life.
 R, you went on the tube a lot of times (probably more than anyone else while we were there).

 S, you and dad fell off pretty quickly. You'd gone before and you loved it, but after you crashed you decided you'd had too much of it for one day.
Afterward we found out that there are some parasites, cercarial dermatitis, that are singular to Sand Hollow.  They burrow into your skin and then perish, causing a welt.
 R, you and I got to go together. Everyone took turns holding you, K.  You got so hot.
It was a wonderful time and we had so much fun with family.  I'm so thankful we could go!

Thank you, Uncle J for taking all these photos and for letting us use them!

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