Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day is always exciting. This year Daddy was happy to get a shirt (which didn't fit and has to be sent back) and two ties.  Note to self: do not purchase clothing other than accessories from Amazon, it doesn't work.

While we were sitting together eating lunch, we talked about one of Daddy's first father's day, or close to it, when we were at church and he was jostling you about R, because you were a rather fussy almost 1 year old baby. At one point you, R, reached out and without even trying pulled the fire alarm (it must have been 30 years old).  Within minutes the fire trucks arrived and a lot of people were waiting outside. We tried to get the alarm reset so people didn't worry, but I don't think it worked until the firemen arrived and helped reset it.  They were shocked that a little baby could commit a felony.

This father's day, K, you decided that when it was the really quite time of Sacrament Meeting, the most quiet time of church, that you needed to talk--a lot.  I love it when you talk/giggle during the songs, but when you try to do the same things as the speakers, it is very challenging to stop you.

It is difficult to stop you because you are adorable and when you talk and look at me as if you want an in-depth conversation, I find it incredibly hard to not enjoy you and allow other to do so too, because you always have a hooked audience in church. You also make the meeting more interesting, albeit distracting for the people sitting around us.  I often have at least one or two people come up to me after church and tell me that your face just lights up the room. It doesn't help that when I get up to walk you out I trip, repeatedly over my own dress and the legs of Daddy, S, R, and T in front of at least 100 people.

Yesterday, you decided that you had to talk loudly whenever I sat down, any place that was a class. You applauded to for the Sunday School teacher.  When we went to Daddy's class, you only wanted him to hold you.

Even with all that, I love it when you do that.

R, S, T and K, when we were sitting together, eating lunch, you told dad many, many things that you love about him.. Some of them were: you love that he loves you, he's a good dad, he works hard, he plays fishies with you, you love him, etc.  The ones I listed were mentioned a few times each.

I love Daddy!  I am so thankful for him. He is one of the hardest workers I know. He is determined, honest, a super dad, and every day I thank the Lord for him, several times a day! We are so, so blessed!

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