Saturday, June 14, 2014


 I had a goal to walk to the Portland LDS temple from our house and one day I just decided to go and do it.  It felt great to accomplish !  It was a ways to go, but it was so worth the long walk.
Each step I kept thinking, "I've really wanted to do this and I am doing it. Yay me!"  I celebrate the little and big things in my mind.  K, you fell asleep two blocks into the walk.

Of course, the moment we stopped after I took the photo with you sleeping, you woke up and determined that you must crawl around.  You are such a cutie.  I loved watching you crawl and walk around.

You are taking three or four steps at a time, then you squat down so you can finish with crawling.  I love to see it and even more than before I cherish these steps with you.
Added later:  It is approximately 4.2 miles walking from my house to the temple.  It took about 1.5 hours to walk there.  

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  1. Go you! How far of a walk was it? Way to bring out the Brooklyn in you! :)