Monday, June 30, 2014

Bucket List Thing Done

Ever since I heard about these blow-dry bars. I have wanted to go, so I added it to my bucket list in my head.  There are no food or drinks (of any sort). What happens is your stylist will wash, condition, dry and style your hair. I had a Groupon for it.

There are only two of them in the Portland area, at the Bridgeport Mall and in the Pearl District of downtown Portland.

My stylist was so friendly and kind.  Ask for Kiera, she's young (right now she has fun pink hair) and dearly bubbly.  She says she can do all sorts of hairstyles from almost any time period.  She was even able to give me some of the facts about Egyptian hair-dos back in the day (you know waaaay back in the day).

When you do the Groupon they give you a list of 4-8 hair styles they will do for you. You choose one and they do it.  I feel like I learned a lot getting one I was not too familiar with and you all said that you loved it!

I felt so pretty walking out of there!  K said that it will last between 3-5 days, but I can wash it whenever I want to, of course.

It gave me a great lift for the day.  I enjoyed a little pampering time.  You were with Daddy.  Love ya!

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