Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Balloon Festival

 Last Friday we went to the Tigard, Oregon Balloon Festival.  We had all been working a lot getting the house clean and doing yard work because our landlord was coming to do some things at our house.  So we decided to splurge a bit and go and do some rides at the balloon festival.  You chose this one, S.

You, T and R chose the bumper cars.
R starting his bumper car.  You two were so excited.
See R looking up at the ceiling?
Can you see T?
We saw one balloon inflated.  I think there were 22 more that glowed at night and cheered up the skies in the morning between 5-7. Sadly, we missed that part.  
 K, you slept for the first part.  Then you and I won this blue alien balloon thing.

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