Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary

While I didn't actually get any photos of Daddy and I together, we had a great Anniversary!  It was so fun! I am so glad I married your Daddy! He makes me smile and we have a great time being together. Love you, W!

 Sarcastic -- "Oh goody, another holiday we get to give gifts to mom and dad."
 Oh well, at least you get to paint!
T, you are dedicated to keeping K safe. You want her to always be safe and share the paints.
As well as a quick re-enactment of "Charlie bit my finger!"
 Daddy and I went to the store and got some gifts, then we tried to go to a movie--but it was super late and our babysitter, A was wonderful!
Grammers sent Daddy and I got this from Grandma, it was a delicious chocolate cake and some beautiful roses, which are still beautiful.

 S, you were very happy to share the cake with me.  It was so tasty.  Thank you so much Grammers!
Best buddies.

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