Friday, April 18, 2014

Springtime Colors

Springtime in Oregon is serious. I thought New York had glorious spring times.  It does but Oregon takes it up a whole new level.  It is like one week the trees are snoring, the next week buds are peeking out like curious turtles.
 Then the next week the colors come out those crocus barely say, "Hi" before the daffodils steal the show.  Then moments later the tulips, trees and flowering plats seem to shout, "Hey, look at me--I'm GORGEOUS!"
 The cars get covered in pollen (seriously, the car is almost yellow). Allergies start up like it is nobody's business.
 I love it, except for the allergies part! The photos are her per request of Grandma and Grandpa.
Happy Spring!


  1. Just wait until the roses are in bloom! That's the best! When they do, you'll have to be sure to visit the rose gardens.

  2. Good to know and will do! I am excited for that--and the berry picking and eating. :)