Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Portland Tram Part 1

We went on the Portland Tram on Saturday.
It was about five minutes up and then five minutes back down with at least three seconds that felt like we were on a bit of a roller coaster.  It was right before then I would loudly remind you (not shout) to hold onto something. Erika, the friend that came with us, didn't even have to hold onto the handle bars--she stood without holding onto anything and looked completely relaxed about the whole thing.
Don't you think those clouds look amazing?  It was amazing to see the city of Portland and if the clouds had been gone we would have seen the surrounding mounts--Mount Hood, Mount St. Helen . . . and the other one I cannot currently remember.

I love the reflections in the outside of the tram.
I love this beautiful, green city!

The fact that the sticker is out of focus was on purpose. Your face won out, S!

I love that A and B always have a great pose for the photos.  It's like they know it will look like they are moving and if someone looks away from the photos they'll swear that child moved.

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