Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Heelloo Keeermit the Frohg Heere

 We went to the Muppet movie last week when you stayed home sick (like the fourth day--I was having cabin fever).  You all acted so cheerful after the bus went by and the decision had been made that I thought you were probably well enough for a movie.

K, you and I danced in the hallway because you decided you needed to join the Muppets in singing every time they broke out in song--which was often.  We loved the movie.  We had yummy popcorn and a water bottle.  
Afterward when I needed to go to the store some of the aches and pains came back again so strongly that we decided we'd better go home.

So grateful we could see the movie and so grateful for feeling well--which are well on our way to completely being, right? Right?!

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