Monday, March 17, 2014

Winterhawks Game

Last week, to my utter delight I was able to go to my first professional hockey game.  It was so exciting!  And guess what else, the Portland Winterhawks won!   

In preparation for going, A and B's Mom, Erika posted this on her Facebook page:
Hello my name is Erika and it's been 8 years since my last hockey game and I'm sooooo going to enjoy jumping off the band wagon tonight or in this case zamboni!!! Go Winterhawks!!

That machine is the Zamboni.  It was mascot night--so there were many characters there--they had a faux hockey game and the Duracell battery was the goalie closest to us--he rolled himself in there really well and made us all laugh.

I really like Star Wars.  Vader had his hand on my shoulder and I thought about acting like I was choking, but then thought that may be a bit much for a blog photo. Hahaha.  So instead I acted scared in the first one, but I don't think you can tell I was acting scared, more I looked like I was trying for the double chin. 

 The place was packed.  There were either almost 11 or 12 thousand people.

This was one of my favorite girl's nights out. We had a royal blast! The seats were amazing!  Thank you so much Cristina! You are a super friend and a great realtor!

So grateful for friends!


  1. This was such a great night!!! By far one of my favorite girls night out too!! I'm still hyperventilating over our amazing seats. Thank you Cristina for treating us and thanks Melanie for all your great pictures!

  2. This was a fun night. You are welcome Erika.

  3. I am laughing because I was telling some friends how my kids are scared of the Tomahawk so one of them googled "Winterhawk mascot" images. And guess whose picture showed up...mine form this page. There is a great picture of Erika and I with the actual mascot...why is google not pulling that picture?!?!? Any ways, for whatever reason google thinks I am the mascot. LOL