Thursday, March 6, 2014

T and K

T: You make me laugh, little guy.

Yesterday I purchased a baby doll for K. She loved it.  Every time we've showed it to her she has smiled really big and taken it right out of our hands.  What I wasn't expecting was for you to like it too!  You decided to take it up to K, but then you fell asleep holding the doll close to you.

When I said, "I didn't know you liked baby dolls."
You said matter-of-factly, "Well, now you know!"

It makes me so proud, especially when you say things like, "I want to be a dad and a -----, like dad!"

You also made me laugh when I had an already ironed shirt prepped for you this morning. You said, "Oh, but I like it warm!"  I ran the warm iron over it and you happily said, "Oooh, nice!"

You are very sensitive to the needs of your little sister, K.  In fact you are so sensitive that you holler out whenever I put her on the ground to crawl around, "Mom, pick her up--she's going to eat something!!!"  Those extra exclamation marks mean you are very urgent in your pleadings.

 I love you so much!

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