Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Concert

St. Mary's Daytime from the choir instagrammer @pschoir.
A couple of weeks ago, I had my spring concert with the Portland Symphonic Choir. We sang in St. Mary's Cathedral in Portland.  The cathedral is beautiful and it has glorious acustics. It can be a challenge standing on the beautiful marble stairs for long periods of time, but it is so worth it when we sing in front of an audience and hear the moments after a song echoing through the hall and then the tumultuous applause from our audience.
Inside the cathedral @pschoir.
I think my favorite song was Magnificat for the reason that it praised God, a lot.  
R, you took these photos for me. How do you like my glorious concert gown?  I blend well, right?

Altos, photos @pschoir.

Your favorite song was Five Hebrew Love Songs, specifically the part when the ladies sing a few stanzas of "La la la."  You danced around the house with that as I practiced (so we repeated it a lot).  

This is my fellow alto--Michelle.  She is so nice and a plant expert! 

One of the concert nights one of the phones went off from one of the men in the choir.  It was right after the most dramatic part of one of our beautiful songs and you should have seen the director's face. It was as if someone had just rammed into the back of his car--disgust and angst.  The next night another phone went off, but I am not sure it was from a choir member.  Someone said that it was an update of one of the Portland's team's score--but I am not sure of that.  There was a game just a few blocks away from us.

St. Mary's Cathedral at night from Instagram @pschoir.
I feel so blessed to be in this choir.  I love being part of a choir where the focus is almost touchable.  A great emphasis is put on being prepared and doing your very best.  No one complains and everyone comes to choir prepared to make it great for themselves and those around them.  I love it!

My goal is to next year, audition for a solo. Gulp. We'll see how that goes.

Thank you to Will, @pschoir, for letting me use the photos you took for the choir facebook page on this blog.

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