Thursday, March 13, 2014

R's Concert

 The other night was your concert, R.  You told us about it the morning of the concert.  You informed me that you had a duet (what?!).  You told me that you wished they wouldn't say your name, just what class you were from, but you knew that they would say your name.  You did very well!  I was beaming with pride. You kept looking at us and doing the "I love you!" sign and smiling.  You danced and were a delight to watch!  I loved your British accent in the song too!
You played the baritones (that is what you said they were called) and you kept the rhythm of the song moving quite well.
 Daddy made it too!

So proud of you! Love ya!

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  1. That was so good of you R! I enjoyed watching the video of you singing. Really very good! So proud of you!!