Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let's Get to Work!

Many years ago my cousin James had a toy tractor with a voice button that would say, "Let's get to work." Then the tractor horn would blare, "Honk, honk!"  For years my family would, when rallying our strength to get things done around the house, help each other by quoting "Let's get to work! Honk, honk!"

I have been thinking of the things that I really want you to know for your future and what will really help you achieve your goals and dreams and one of the things that tops the list is that you need to learn to work.

In fact I have been thinking (aka, for me, praying) about it a lot lately.  In fact it was keeping me awake last week.  You love anything electronic and would like to spend all day every day glued to one screen or another. It's how it is has always been--which is one of the reasons I desperately wanted a yard because I thought it would help you desire to go outside and enjoy the marvels of the great outdoors.

So, we made some changes this week. We have focused on things that you need to get done before you can play electronic devices.

Things like:
Picking up Toys.
Setting/clearing the table
 Taking out the garbage and sweeping/vacuuming and mopping the floor.

Making your bed.
 I'd say so far we have a 70 percent increase in production (hehe).  No really, you've improved a lot and the computers are off at the moment so I think we're having success--now to go fix dinner with you.

Love ya! You are so capable and I know that you can do hard things.  Working may or may not be considered one of those things, but I want to be sure that you can work hard when you are grown up and do not expect other people to do everything for you, or what people today call entitled adults. You will be one of those people that are quickly hired because you have a reputation of your commitment to professional and quality of work.


This is the hummingbird that frequents our neighbor's bushes.  I love those beautiful red berries that birds snatch up and eat and the hummingbird that is utterly content humming around the bushes all morning long.  I can't help but feel thankful for this little guy or gal bird--whichever. 

Look at that color! The back is green and then it has a little red beard underneath the beak. You happily point him out daily as you rush out to the bus.

I love you!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

K Updates

 Dear K: Your smiles fill me with utter joy!  You are growing every day! I feel so blessed to have you.
 I cannot get over your sweet dimpled hands, feet, arms and legs.  Your sweet squishy-ness is like a wonderful therapy for any sad day.
 You have recently figured out how to click with your tongue, screech loudly to be heard, crawl everywhere and you found the cupboard and how to climb into it.
I love you dearly, sweet girl!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Instagrammy Challenge

I love facial expressions.  No let me put that another way. I love facial expressions.
So I thought how fun would it be to throw out a challenge to my readers to post either on their blog, facebook, instagram or other social media a bit of a collage with at least six different facial expressions.

How do you like my attempt at the pucker? It's so fun!  Can you imagine seeing our ancestor's different facial expressions?  I cannot tell you how much I would love it!  Dear sweet kidlets to whom this blog is written, mostly, I want to take your photos with different expressions and then put them on our wall--our real wall--not just a digital one. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Winterhawks Game

Last week, to my utter delight I was able to go to my first professional hockey game.  It was so exciting!  And guess what else, the Portland Winterhawks won!   

In preparation for going, A and B's Mom, Erika posted this on her Facebook page:
Hello my name is Erika and it's been 8 years since my last hockey game and I'm sooooo going to enjoy jumping off the band wagon tonight or in this case zamboni!!! Go Winterhawks!!

That machine is the Zamboni.  It was mascot night--so there were many characters there--they had a faux hockey game and the Duracell battery was the goalie closest to us--he rolled himself in there really well and made us all laugh.

I really like Star Wars.  Vader had his hand on my shoulder and I thought about acting like I was choking, but then thought that may be a bit much for a blog photo. Hahaha.  So instead I acted scared in the first one, but I don't think you can tell I was acting scared, more I looked like I was trying for the double chin. 

 The place was packed.  There were either almost 11 or 12 thousand people.

This was one of my favorite girl's nights out. We had a royal blast! The seats were amazing!  Thank you so much Cristina! You are a super friend and a great realtor!

So grateful for friends!

Friday, March 14, 2014

P's Lemon Creme Pie

P, one of the dear people that work with Daddy made this delicious pie for our family!
It was right before everyone went to bed after R's concert and you loved it!  I wished there was enough of it left the next day so I could take better photos.
T, you were putting on a sad face because I told you about something that you did not like too much. I forgot what it was, but you loved the pie and that made you smile!

Thank you, P!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

R's Concert

 The other night was your concert, R.  You told us about it the morning of the concert.  You informed me that you had a duet (what?!).  You told me that you wished they wouldn't say your name, just what class you were from, but you knew that they would say your name.  You did very well!  I was beaming with pride. You kept looking at us and doing the "I love you!" sign and smiling.  You danced and were a delight to watch!  I loved your British accent in the song too!
You played the baritones (that is what you said they were called) and you kept the rhythm of the song moving quite well.
 Daddy made it too!

So proud of you! Love ya!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Concert

St. Mary's Daytime from the choir instagrammer @pschoir.
A couple of weeks ago, I had my spring concert with the Portland Symphonic Choir. We sang in St. Mary's Cathedral in Portland.  The cathedral is beautiful and it has glorious acustics. It can be a challenge standing on the beautiful marble stairs for long periods of time, but it is so worth it when we sing in front of an audience and hear the moments after a song echoing through the hall and then the tumultuous applause from our audience.
Inside the cathedral @pschoir.
I think my favorite song was Magnificat for the reason that it praised God, a lot.  
R, you took these photos for me. How do you like my glorious concert gown?  I blend well, right?

Altos, photos @pschoir.

Your favorite song was Five Hebrew Love Songs, specifically the part when the ladies sing a few stanzas of "La la la."  You danced around the house with that as I practiced (so we repeated it a lot).  

This is my fellow alto--Michelle.  She is so nice and a plant expert! 

One of the concert nights one of the phones went off from one of the men in the choir.  It was right after the most dramatic part of one of our beautiful songs and you should have seen the director's face. It was as if someone had just rammed into the back of his car--disgust and angst.  The next night another phone went off, but I am not sure it was from a choir member.  Someone said that it was an update of one of the Portland's team's score--but I am not sure of that.  There was a game just a few blocks away from us.

St. Mary's Cathedral at night from Instagram @pschoir.
I feel so blessed to be in this choir.  I love being part of a choir where the focus is almost touchable.  A great emphasis is put on being prepared and doing your very best.  No one complains and everyone comes to choir prepared to make it great for themselves and those around them.  I love it!

My goal is to next year, audition for a solo. Gulp. We'll see how that goes.

Thank you to Will, @pschoir, for letting me use the photos you took for the choir facebook page on this blog.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

T and K

T: You make me laugh, little guy.

Yesterday I purchased a baby doll for K. She loved it.  Every time we've showed it to her she has smiled really big and taken it right out of our hands.  What I wasn't expecting was for you to like it too!  You decided to take it up to K, but then you fell asleep holding the doll close to you.

When I said, "I didn't know you liked baby dolls."
You said matter-of-factly, "Well, now you know!"

It makes me so proud, especially when you say things like, "I want to be a dad and a -----, like dad!"

You also made me laugh when I had an already ironed shirt prepped for you this morning. You said, "Oh, but I like it warm!"  I ran the warm iron over it and you happily said, "Oooh, nice!"

You are very sensitive to the needs of your little sister, K.  In fact you are so sensitive that you holler out whenever I put her on the ground to crawl around, "Mom, pick her up--she's going to eat something!!!"  Those extra exclamation marks mean you are very urgent in your pleadings.

 I love you so much!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We are house hunting.

If I fail to post, understand I probably at home stressing about which house and if we should buy a house. It is humbling. And telling myself it will not just work out, it will be great!
Love you!

 This is from the house we saw the other day.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Barnes and Noble Lego Event

If you cannot remember, you love legos. A lot.  We were able to sign up and go to a Barnes and Noble event wherein they were celebrating The Lego Movie.   They gave you an assignment and you were able to build machines--tools, movie props, and vehicles and you were able to take your creation home.  Everyone shared their pieces of Lego with one another, which really impressed me.
 Then we went house hunting and we're hoping . . .
Your friends A and B came too!