Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day

Daddy was working a lot that day.

You made me promise not to pick you up early from school because you really wanted to stay for the Valentine's Day parties that you had in your classes.  I went walking with a friend until it was time to pick you up T, then we went out to lunch and to Costco. Then we went to the park with Erika, A and B.

It has been raining a lot lately and cleared up enough for us to go to the park.  There were a lot of puddles and the grass was actually a grass covered bog.  We ended up with really wet feet, but we had a great time with friends.  Then our friends came back with us to our house and we had gluten-free pancakes and turkey bacon.   Even Ben made it over, but I forgot to take photos.

Daddy got me some chocolate, baby roses, and ice cream. It was so fun!  I love you, dear family!

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