Friday, February 14, 2014

The Mystery of GGG Grandpa Wilson

We have a new theory about your great-great-great grandfather Wilson.

You see, he is the mystery in the family. He would not tell our great-great grandmother nor his children anything about his past.  So we, his posterity, at family gatherings would chat about it every now and again, wondering what on earth caused this man to enter into a marriage of convenience and not want to tell anyone, even the ones closest to him anything about his old self.

Also, think of all the generations that must be at least a little grumpy at him for his selfishness.  Yeesh--all those blessings waiting to be had by maybe thousands held back by one man's pride.

Well, someone was talking to my mother and it seems there may be a family from where GGG Grandpa Wilson we theorized he was from that had an uncle somewhere back in their line with the name "Wilson" who thought he had killed someone (but had not) and then disappeared.

How can we know for sure if this is our GGG Grandpa Wilson? Why would he do that?  What was it all about? Why didn't he tell?  Was their marriage a true marriage of convenience and did he ever real feel in love?  Did he let our GGG Grandma know?  I hope so.  Did he have a wife and children from before?  Did he ever seek to go back and communicate with anyone from his old life?

My niece, N and I expressing displeasure at GGG Grandpa Wilson.
Okay, really we were just trying to adjust our pose in favor of mutual comfort,
and the photo was snapped at the wrong moment--but it could have been for GGG Grandpa Wilson.
Is it bad to feel a little upset at someone because they won't tell you anything about their past, even though they lived long before you?

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