Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Days

We were snowed in for four days. Four glorious white days--including two days off of school. We've watched a lot of television and other screened things, sledded, had mini snowball fights, had hot chocolate, and played a practically endless game of Monopoly in which I raked in the properties.

Church was canceled on Sunday. The only food we ran out of was milk. On Monday I took you to see the Lego movie and had a very difficult time pulling into our driveway.  It made me grateful that snow like that does not happen very often. We ended up with 10.5 inches of snow.

K, officially calls W "Dad."  At least we're pretty sure it is official. You stayed by us and crawled over me to Dad last night and was calling, "Dad!"  "Ad"   "Dad!" Then you pinched his nose and he burst out laughing and immediately swept you up to walk you to sleep.

You mean the world to me!

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