Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Portland LDS Temple

Along I-5 sort of close to Trader Joes, you can see this amazing edifice rising out of the tree line.  This is the Portland Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We try to go often, but with having a new baby and such it was difficult for me to go, but I finally went last Saturday--with Daddy's encouragement. Hooray!

I almost went in to do a endowment session and then had this really strong feeling that I should not and do initiatory work instead.  I did the work for five people. One of them was from Mexico, I felt like she was very near and intensely happy.  

Then I went to get ready to come home when I ran into one of the dear sisters from our ward. Sister Barbur is one of the kindest souls and she welcomed us our very first Sunday here with open arms and happy heart.  She sat with me in almost every meeting--so I would feel welcome and then she told me she worked in the library and introduced me to the amazing women in there.  

She had some of her ancestors she needed to have ready for her next week's temple work.  She asked if I was interested in doing some for her (9!) but they allow only five at a time.  I felt like this was maybe why I needed to do that instead endowments.  It made me feel so glad that I followed what I believe to be promptings.  Thank you, Sister Barbur!

When I told you about this experience when I got home, you told me that you could not wait to go the temple.  You each told me how many years until you can go and again I felt so blessed to be your mom. I was again reminded right then the Lord knows and loves us. I know that we are needed where we are, when we are, and for special reasons that we may not now know, but as we listen we will be guided.  Please listen! I will strive to listen and follow as well!


  1. I love the Portland temple. It was the first temple I was able to go inside of -- at age 7 during the open house. Its beauty has stayed with me since. If I'm allowed to play favorites, then it's definitely in my top 5.

  2. Now I am curious what your other top faves are. I think we are always allowed to choose our favorite places. :D It is so beautiful!