Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy birthday, T!

T, I am so glad you're my boy!  You are so full of energy--a lot of the time you are hopping around the house in circles so happily.

Your favorite food is a bowl fresh blueberries.
Your favorite toys are your plush toys.
Your favorite activity is playing at the water parks.
You told me that I make you the most happy, although a couple of weeks ago you told me that you wanted to spend time with daddy because you get to spend all day every day with me. 

The other night I cleaned-up a storm.  The next morning you got up and said, "Look at this place-it is so clean!"  Daddy said, "Look mom worked so hard!"  You looked at him and smiled, "Did she do all the laundry?"

You have such a sense of humor.  One moment you were told to give me a serious face and I got this. The next moment is below.  You keep us all laughing.

I love you!

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