Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dear K

We took you to the doctor recently.  You are 19 lbs. 8 oz. and are in the 44th percentile on the growth chart.  You are 27 inches long. You are pulling yourself up on things, passing things from hand to hand, talking up a storm and you love primping the bathroom with your mother dearest, moi.
When Daddy gets home you raise your hands up instantly and hop or wiggle so he knows he needs to pick you up, instantaneously.  You call him "Dad!" sometimes and when you feel whiny you say, "Addy!"

You love being talked to and after all these months of constant adoration from every member of the family you adore right back, generously smiling to those who listen to your songs.

You love love love to be walked at night and will often sleep-in.  You love to snack on whatever we are eating and enjoy the family dinners we have.  You think T is absolutely hilarious and can't wait to see him home from school.

You're timid toward other people, not members of the family--although if you are feeling especially generous you may let others hold you for a few moments before you decide it is time to come back to me.

Your favorite toy is the one you are sitting on in the above photos.  You love to hop in it and hear all the rattles rattle away.  Your hair is getting lighter.  You love our walks.  When you eat your roll your eyes like you are in heaven--which makes me feel like I am in heaven.

You get to enjoy some of the things that they did not have around when I had your brothers or sister--klike the bumbo seat.  You love that thing!    You love being carried in the Ergo and often fall asleep within the first ten minutes of being carried in it.

I love you, sweet girl!  So glad you're mine!

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