Monday, February 10, 2014

Claudia Bushman on Journal Writing

Below are some of the things Sister Claudia Bushman (Your friends, A Bushman and B Bushman's Grandma) said a couple of months ago, at a night when she and her husband, Richard Bushman; both notable Church historians from Columbia University in NYC; spoke to our stake.  I wanted to record what she said and my impressions of said words so I wouldn't forget.
  • Record for the future, remember every time a person dies it is as if a library has burned down.
  • Each person has at least one relate-able thing about them.  
  • If it not written down somewhere, it is as if it did not happen.
  • While you live, you can change your life's story.
  • Write daily, save on computer with hard and soft copies.  Print it off monthly.
  • Write down how you feel about historical events (like the government shut down).
  • If you feel like there is nothing to write about, brush your teeth or shower and determine that you will think of at least two things to write about.
  • Write kindly and generously of people (not gossip), you may meet the people you've written about in your next life.
  • Your audience may be your family including grandchildren. Include:
    • jokes
    • invitations to parties
    • clever sayings
    • accounts of money spent
    • good deeds
    • testimony
    • show how your traits have moved through generations
    • solutions to your fears (you may talk it out to yourself)
  • If the above is done, it will show that you do not have the dreary life you suppose and will turn you into an irreplaceable treasurer. 
  • Take promptings to learn of past family members seriously!
Great Grandma O (the mother pictured above) made hundreds of family videos,
sent out thousands of letters and wrote in her planner daily.  What a treasure!
If just beginning writing:
1. Keep a journal for a month.
2. Make a family history chart.
3. Write an account of your first memory as the beginning of your autobiography.
4. Attitudes on issues.
5. Write your own obituary--who speaks, music, prayers, etc.

Thank you Sister Bushman! 


  1. It is all great advice! (Those two really travel all over the place, wow!)

  2. Right?! They're amazing! Their family is even more so! Ben and Erika (A and B's parents mentioned above) are their son and daughter-in-law and they are out of this world delightful and amazing! We are so glad to be their friends!