Thursday, February 6, 2014

Choir Poetry

We are singing a song called "Soneto de la Noche" or Sonnet of the Night and the words are by Pablo Neruda.  Every time I sing it my eyes tear up like Niagra Falls.  The song is in Spanish, but it translated by Nicholas Lauridsen in the front flap of the music.  I'm not including it, because it is rather sad in its beauty!

When I sing this, I cannot help but feel how immensely blessed I am to enjoy all these beautiful things with you and Daddy.  I imagine Daddy and I old and happy together remembering our full life together. I also think of those I know with the truest of love--my parents, Daddy's parents and our grandparents.  Sticking together, in love, through thick and thin.

It makes me think of all the things that I now enjoy about you--your smiles, K your crawling and happy chatter, T so happy you are hopping around in circles; R, your eyes getting big and excited as you tells me a story or about a creation you have made; S, you cooking with me and dancing with me with a huge grin on your face.

 It also makes my heart rejoice knowing that we can be together forever as a family because of the promises we have made to the Lord and to one another.  I love you!

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