Friday, February 28, 2014

When We're Helping We're Happy

The other day, right after you got out of school, we started cleaning up the tree-stuff--again.  It really made me appreciate my parents. They must have done a lot of work keeping the lawn clean in our yard and I had no idea.  Our trees seem to drop branches all over the place.  You make a lot of allowance (for you) by cleaning up all the stuff our trees deposit onto the ground.  I also love to hear you sing while you clean up T!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

All Things In Awesomeness

Have a wonderful day!  I loved this sculpture because from every other angle he looked devastatingly ferocious, but from this angle he looks like's laughing. That is how we can look at life.

My little brother says that his favorite phrase right now is "All things in awesomeness."  Take a moment to look at your life and realize how many things are going awesomely for you. There is a lot, even if it takes hours to figure it out.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sarah and Mommy's Night Out

 S, on Saturday, we went on a mommy-daughter date. We had so much fun going from Burgerville for dinner and then to shop for some clothes and make-up (for me), then to the grocery store. You found the magnifying glass above and you said, "Mom, take a picture."  We had so much fun.
 Thanks for being my girl!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Photo Rich Oregon Zoo

 Last Thursday, I came and got you out of school early to go to the Oregon Zoo, in Portland, T. You did not appreciate it very much, you love school so much it is difficult for you to leave.
 We met our friends, L and Kim.  We had a great time walking around. Seeing all the animals. You were a little cold.  It was a cold, rainy day. It was so fun to see all the animals.

T, you thought it was rude of me to capture this photo so you told me that you would delete it off my phone so I uploaded it to Instagram as fast as I could in case you decided to follow up because I love your smile, it was right after we sang the song "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas!"  You thought we were hilarious. Do you see the hippos in the back?

The giraffes were taking turns getting snacks from within the keeper's area. It was like they kept reaching their heads in and asking, "Please, sir. Can I have some more?" 
Kim gave you that yummy blueberry muffin.  You were starving, but not enough to eat all the food I brought in my bag.  Se la vie.
 We kept you warm and snuggled in the stroller, K. It was so cold and you were so warm you went to sleep within the first few minutes and I did not capture many photos of you. But I kept checking on you to make sure you were warm enough.
All the photos were taken with my phone.  Thank you Kim for letting me and K in on your pass! You are so nice!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dinner Time With T

The other day we were sitting around the dinner table eating dinner (a daily goal of our familiy) and we talked about our days.  T, something you said made me smile and feel absolutely delighted.

You said, "I told my friend where our church is so he can come and join."

You are beginning to realize that the Gospel, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is what makes us, feel like forever family.  I mean, this is what gives us such peace and guidance. It helps us know where we came from, where we are going and what we need to be doing. It gives us an immense love of our Savior, Jesus Christ and to know what He did for us.

Photo by Uncle Joe--missing K, you weren't born yet.

I promise you that if you sincerely, with your whole heart, with a desire to truly know--you will be able to study, pray and find out for yourself if it is true.  What you will feel is real.  When you feel that calmness or peace or joy--you'll know that it is right.   Then you'll want with your whole heart to share it with others.

Above all, remember how dearly you are loved. I know I tell you all the time, but it is only because I feel so strongly that this must be remembered.  I love you and as dearly as I love you, God loves you even more!  He wants to guide you and He will, but it will really help to ask.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dear K

We took you to the doctor recently.  You are 19 lbs. 8 oz. and are in the 44th percentile on the growth chart.  You are 27 inches long. You are pulling yourself up on things, passing things from hand to hand, talking up a storm and you love primping the bathroom with your mother dearest, moi.
When Daddy gets home you raise your hands up instantly and hop or wiggle so he knows he needs to pick you up, instantaneously.  You call him "Dad!" sometimes and when you feel whiny you say, "Addy!"

You love being talked to and after all these months of constant adoration from every member of the family you adore right back, generously smiling to those who listen to your songs.

You love love love to be walked at night and will often sleep-in.  You love to snack on whatever we are eating and enjoy the family dinners we have.  You think T is absolutely hilarious and can't wait to see him home from school.

You're timid toward other people, not members of the family--although if you are feeling especially generous you may let others hold you for a few moments before you decide it is time to come back to me.

Your favorite toy is the one you are sitting on in the above photos.  You love to hop in it and hear all the rattles rattle away.  Your hair is getting lighter.  You love our walks.  When you eat your roll your eyes like you are in heaven--which makes me feel like I am in heaven.

You get to enjoy some of the things that they did not have around when I had your brothers or sister--klike the bumbo seat.  You love that thing!    You love being carried in the Ergo and often fall asleep within the first ten minutes of being carried in it.

I love you, sweet girl!  So glad you're mine!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day

Daddy was working a lot that day.

You made me promise not to pick you up early from school because you really wanted to stay for the Valentine's Day parties that you had in your classes.  I went walking with a friend until it was time to pick you up T, then we went out to lunch and to Costco. Then we went to the park with Erika, A and B.

It has been raining a lot lately and cleared up enough for us to go to the park.  There were a lot of puddles and the grass was actually a grass covered bog.  We ended up with really wet feet, but we had a great time with friends.  Then our friends came back with us to our house and we had gluten-free pancakes and turkey bacon.   Even Ben made it over, but I forgot to take photos.

Daddy got me some chocolate, baby roses, and ice cream. It was so fun!  I love you, dear family!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy President's Day!

Good thing we had a Lego hat and beard.
Meet Ace Lincoln in his space ship.

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Mystery of GGG Grandpa Wilson

We have a new theory about your great-great-great grandfather Wilson.

You see, he is the mystery in the family. He would not tell our great-great grandmother nor his children anything about his past.  So we, his posterity, at family gatherings would chat about it every now and again, wondering what on earth caused this man to enter into a marriage of convenience and not want to tell anyone, even the ones closest to him anything about his old self.

Also, think of all the generations that must be at least a little grumpy at him for his selfishness.  Yeesh--all those blessings waiting to be had by maybe thousands held back by one man's pride.

Well, someone was talking to my mother and it seems there may be a family from where GGG Grandpa Wilson we theorized he was from that had an uncle somewhere back in their line with the name "Wilson" who thought he had killed someone (but had not) and then disappeared.

How can we know for sure if this is our GGG Grandpa Wilson? Why would he do that?  What was it all about? Why didn't he tell?  Was their marriage a true marriage of convenience and did he ever real feel in love?  Did he let our GGG Grandma know?  I hope so.  Did he have a wife and children from before?  Did he ever seek to go back and communicate with anyone from his old life?

My niece, N and I expressing displeasure at GGG Grandpa Wilson.
Okay, really we were just trying to adjust our pose in favor of mutual comfort,
and the photo was snapped at the wrong moment--but it could have been for GGG Grandpa Wilson.
Is it bad to feel a little upset at someone because they won't tell you anything about their past, even though they lived long before you?

Thursday, February 13, 2014


 While we were snowed in, T, you and I decided that it was time to do some crafts.  You saw this on Pinterest, and said, "Let's make that!" with a lot of excitement. 

So we pulled out the graham cracker box. Cut a hole in the middle. Painted it yellow (three coats ten minute breaks between painting).   Then we painted dots and glued on a piece of foil for the flash and a dollar store jenga piece.  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Days

We were snowed in for four days. Four glorious white days--including two days off of school. We've watched a lot of television and other screened things, sledded, had mini snowball fights, had hot chocolate, and played a practically endless game of Monopoly in which I raked in the properties.

Church was canceled on Sunday. The only food we ran out of was milk. On Monday I took you to see the Lego movie and had a very difficult time pulling into our driveway.  It made me grateful that snow like that does not happen very often. We ended up with 10.5 inches of snow.

K, officially calls W "Dad."  At least we're pretty sure it is official. You stayed by us and crawled over me to Dad last night and was calling, "Dad!"  "Ad"   "Dad!" Then you pinched his nose and he burst out laughing and immediately swept you up to walk you to sleep.

You mean the world to me!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Claudia Bushman on Journal Writing

Below are some of the things Sister Claudia Bushman (Your friends, A Bushman and B Bushman's Grandma) said a couple of months ago, at a night when she and her husband, Richard Bushman; both notable Church historians from Columbia University in NYC; spoke to our stake.  I wanted to record what she said and my impressions of said words so I wouldn't forget.
  • Record for the future, remember every time a person dies it is as if a library has burned down.
  • Each person has at least one relate-able thing about them.  
  • If it not written down somewhere, it is as if it did not happen.
  • While you live, you can change your life's story.
  • Write daily, save on computer with hard and soft copies.  Print it off monthly.
  • Write down how you feel about historical events (like the government shut down).
  • If you feel like there is nothing to write about, brush your teeth or shower and determine that you will think of at least two things to write about.
  • Write kindly and generously of people (not gossip), you may meet the people you've written about in your next life.
  • Your audience may be your family including grandchildren. Include:
    • jokes
    • invitations to parties
    • clever sayings
    • accounts of money spent
    • good deeds
    • testimony
    • show how your traits have moved through generations
    • solutions to your fears (you may talk it out to yourself)
  • If the above is done, it will show that you do not have the dreary life you suppose and will turn you into an irreplaceable treasurer. 
  • Take promptings to learn of past family members seriously!
Great Grandma O (the mother pictured above) made hundreds of family videos,
sent out thousands of letters and wrote in her planner daily.  What a treasure!
If just beginning writing:
1. Keep a journal for a month.
2. Make a family history chart.
3. Write an account of your first memory as the beginning of your autobiography.
4. Attitudes on issues.
5. Write your own obituary--who speaks, music, prayers, etc.

Thank you Sister Bushman! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy birthday, T!

T, I am so glad you're my boy!  You are so full of energy--a lot of the time you are hopping around the house in circles so happily.

Your favorite food is a bowl fresh blueberries.
Your favorite toys are your plush toys.
Your favorite activity is playing at the water parks.
You told me that I make you the most happy, although a couple of weeks ago you told me that you wanted to spend time with daddy because you get to spend all day every day with me. 

The other night I cleaned-up a storm.  The next morning you got up and said, "Look at this place-it is so clean!"  Daddy said, "Look mom worked so hard!"  You looked at him and smiled, "Did she do all the laundry?"

You have such a sense of humor.  One moment you were told to give me a serious face and I got this. The next moment is below.  You keep us all laughing.

I love you!